Introducing Nstream: Complete the Data Pipeline with Streaming Applications

Welcome to the evolution of streaming data. Nstream, formerly known as Swim, is ushering in a new era with its full-stack streaming application platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that helps businesses understand, contextualize, and act on large quantities of streaming data in true real-time.

We are proud to announce the launch of Nstream Cloud, the fastest way to build end-to-end streaming applications that keep data flowing throughout the entire application stack. Nstream Cloud was born from a desire to unlock the full value of streaming data and complete the data pipeline by running the entire application stack in stream.

Let’s look at what it means to build streaming applications using Nstream Cloud and why this is a landmark moment for the streaming data space.

Data pipelines don’t go far enough

Many businesses put considerable effort toward real-time stream processing, storage, and analytics but still struggle to complete the “last mile” of their data pipeline. In other words, valuable streaming data insights are not delivered quickly enough for meaningful action.

Store-then-process architectures, the default approach to data processing, are an impractical solution because the cost and latency compound as the amount of necessary context increases. Additionally, because doubling the data rate doubles the cost of storage needed to buffer data, there is a misconception that reducing latency to zero must exponentially increase the cost.

Even if a company use an expensive architecture to get a high-level picture of what’s going on across the business, and programming “near real-time” action against individual data streams, they often lack the context offered by related streams. They need a way to recapture this lost value and gain full context across all streams so business logic can act on complete data in the truest sense of real-time.

Streaming applications complete the data pipeline

Streaming applications are the key to completing the data pipeline and quickly getting actionable insights into enterprise systems’ hands. Real-time streaming applications allow organizations to perform automation and enable action at the earliest possible moment by continuously pushing entity model updates in sync with data streams.

Nstream is the first general-purpose platform for running business logic — the lifeblood of streaming applications — directly on data in motion. This happens as soon as new data arrives, a process-then-store approach that reduces costs because only necessary data is stored. Entire applications can run at the speed of their fastest data sources, and real-time insights are delivered and can be instantly acted upon.

With configurable data connectors, pre-built application components, and out-of-the-box visualizations, Nstream Cloud provides everything developers need to start building streaming applications. With Nstream Cloud, you will be able to:

See for yourself how streaming applications can fully realize the value of your streaming data

Capturing the end-to-end value of streaming data no longer has to be time- and resource-intensive. Achieve real-time observability and faster decision-making with Nstream Cloud, the industry’s first open-source, full-stack streaming application PaaS.

Interested in trying out Nstream Cloud for free? Sign up here for exclusive early access to the platform. We are limiting access to the first 500 developers. Early access includes exploring our low-code configuration templates for top use cases such as:

The Nstream team will be at DeveloperWeek this month, hosting live demos to showcase the configurability of the platform (connectors, aggregations, and more) and how users can keep operations streamlined with fully managed application deployments. Read the official Nstream Cloud press release for more information.