Data Streaming Technologies: Which is Right for My Business?

Businesses need to see, interpret, and act on data in real time to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. That means implementing a tech stack that can process streaming data in a way that meets latency, cost, and business needs.

When selecting data streaming technologies to manage their streaming data, companies have several existing and well-known options depending on their specific business and technical needs.

However, companies looking to make the best use of their streaming data should consider augmenting their tech stack with streaming applications, which fill the application layer gap and promise to unlock more sophisticated business use cases.

Data streaming technologies compute data as it is produced or received. Most stream processors utilize a “store-then-process” architecture, in which queries are made once the data is no longer in motion.

The table below details the differences in capabilities and strengths of some of the most popular data streaming technologies:

Technology Name Description Capabilities Key Strengths
Apache Kafka A distributed streaming platform that allows you to publish and subscribe to streams of records in real-time. * Distributed log  

Where Nstream falls in the current streaming data technology ecosystem

Nstream Cloud is the fastest way to build full-stack applications that enable real-time observability, live modeling of complex business operations, and responsive decision automation at scale. Entire applications can run at the speed of their fastest data sources, and real-time insights are delivered and can be acted on instantly.

With Nstream, developers can execute technical use cases, such as the following:

How to strengthen your tech stack with Nstream

Real-time streaming applications built with Nstream can expand the standard capabilities of stream processors and analytics, which continually execute stateful business logic instead of responding to queries. As a result, Nstream can be used to enhance the data streaming technology you currently use, including:

To see how you can easily integrate Nstream with your current streaming tech, watch our video detailing how Nstream’s SwimOS works in tandem with technologies Kafka and Flink.

Choosing the best data streaming technologies for your business

Organizations must incorporate different data streaming technologies depending on the desired use case to yield the best result. Using the following steps, you can best guide the search for streaming technologies that best fit your organization:

Nstream provides real-time data streaming at a large scale

Streaming apps present an exciting opportunity to take existing streaming technologies to the next level. While several options are suited for different use cases, Nstream is the first open-source, full-stack streaming data application platform.

Want to learn more about the Nstream platform and how it can work with your tech stack? Read more on our platform and approach here.