How Nstream is Guiding the Way for Business Innovation in 2023

Taking Notice: How Nstream Is Guiding Business Innovation in 2023

American engineer, statistician, and author W. Edwards Deming is often credited with the saying: “In God we trust; all others bring data.”

We agree, Mr. Deming — sort of.

Today, we find ourselves chest-deep in an exciting and sometimes tumultuous period of great business innovation and technological transformation. Organizations have easier and faster access to more data than ever before — from data that shows interactions with a single email to data that paints a picture of vast, complex business operations.

While possessing and analyzing data is certainly important, what crowns a business as “king” is the ability to actually see, understand in context, and make better decisions based on all that data. Companies that make the best use of their data will have the power to discover new solutions, dream up revolutionary use cases, and even fundamentally change how they envision and do business.

Nstream is guiding the way toward a new phase of digital innovation by making it easier for companies to get more value out of their data through full-stack, streaming data applications. At Nstream, we’re excited to see our vision of the future come to life through exciting industry recognition, new customers, and a thriving, growing team.

How Nstream’s technical innovations solve business problems

Today, the amount of data being stored is growing exponentially. In fact, the amount of data created is projected to grow from 97 zettabytes in 2022 to 181 zettabytes in 2025. One of the biggest obstacles to mining valuable insights from these mountains of data is our current approach to data processing architectures.

As it stands, as data is processed, it must pass through several data systems, all of which incur latency — and cost. The management of this complex system inherently requires serious investments in time, money, and manpower.

In our rapidly advancing technological landscape, enterprise customers are also increasingly seeking the benefits of open-source solutions — such as agility, flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security — without being tied to a specific vendor.

To innovate — or get something different from our data — we need to think about our approach to data differently. That’s where Nstream comes in.

The Nstream Platform is built on SwimOS, a distributed operating system that was open-sourced in 2019. The Nstream Platform, fueled by SwimOS, lets enterprises build full-stack streaming data applications wherever their data resides — be it in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

Nstream reduces the complexity of traditional streaming data application architectures so companies can build real-time applications in minutes, not months. As a result, current customers reap the benefits of insights delivered at network-level latency, all at a 70% lower total cost of ownership.

The industry is taking notice

It’s easy to get excited about your own work — but what’s really thrilling is when others start to take notice and get excited, too. At Nstream, we’re honored that others in the industry also realize the potential of real-time streaming data applications. Most recently, Nstream was named in the May 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Event Stream Processing within Unified Real-Time Platforms.

In its report, Gartner explains that Unified platforms combine many or all of the features of an Event Stream Processing (ESP) platform with a DBMS or in-memory data grid and a programmable application engine. Unified platforms are a relatively new kind of infrastructure software that supports operational or analytical business applications that need to process both streaming data in motion and historical data at rest. Like ESP platforms, unified platforms can execute custom business logic and analytical functions such as ML inferences and rules. However, they also have capabilities not available from ESP platforms, specifically including support for synchronous, request/reply interactions and the capability to manage long-term reference and state data. Read more in our press release.

We are also pleased that the analyst firm Intellyx honored us with the Digital Innovator Award for being a vendor worth watching that’s driving enterprise digital transformation. Intellyx is an industry analyst firm focusing on enterprise digital transformation and the disruptive vendors supporting it. Companies must undergo and pass a rigorous briefing selection process to receive a Digital Innovator Award.

“At Intellyx, we get dozens of PR pitches each day from a wide range of vendors,” said Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx. “We will only set up briefings with the most disruptive and innovative firms in their space. That’s why it made sense for us to call out the companies that made the cut.”

Nstream celebrates organizational growth and a strong start to 2023

As a founder of Nstream, I’ve witnessed our business evolve dramatically to serve the needs of our customers and the enterprise, particularly over the last 12 months. I’m also optimistic about our growth trajectory as our team fervently continues our mission to help enterprises see, interpret, and holistically act on their data to make better decisions for the business and customers.

To support this growth, we’re investing in our business and our team with several key strategic hires across the sales, engineering, and marketing teams. New team members include:

Sean Brown, Vice President of Global Sales, is an accomplished sales leader with experience building teams in data streaming, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology markets. He is responsible for building the sales team and implementing the go-to-market strategy to drive growth and revenue for Nstream. The opportunity to build upon his success at Confluent and help customers get more value from modern technology was a fundamental reason he decided to join the Nstream executive team.

Jeremy Custunborder, Principal Systems Engineer, recently joined Nstream from Confluent. Jeremy was the first system engineer for Confluent and helped grow the Confluent ecosystem during his seven years with the company. He has also contributed a significant volume of connectors to the Kafka ecosystem and many other open-source contributions. He brings 20 years of application development and consulting experience.

Tim French, Sales Director, also joined Nstream from Confluent, where he supported enterprise customers adopting streaming data infrastructure. He has numerous years of successful enterprise sales and operations experience with high-growth, open-source technology companies and established global market leaders. Tim is responsible for growing Nstream’s enterprise business and helping clients drive results with unified real-time platforms.

Julia Wiltshire, recently appointed Vice President of Marketing, brings 20 years of B2B marketing expertise with a passion for building collaborative, results-driven teams. Julia is responsible for expanding Nstream’s footprint in the enterprise market, further developing its brand in the rapidly evolving streaming data space, and providing relevant, positive, and impactful customer experiences rooted in operational excellence.

Aditya Chidurala, Director of Product Marketing, recently joined Nstream after about four years at Confluent. Aditya has a deep understanding of the open-source streaming data software ecosystem and has worked for over a decade in B2B marketing. He is responsible for developing the positioning, messaging, and industry vertical and horizontal use cases enabled by the Nstream Platform.

Amanda Folson, Developer Evangelist, joined Nstream after her time at Meltano, an open-source DataOps integration platform. Bringing over a decade of developer relations and community management experience to the team, Amanda will ensure that developers have positive experiences as they onboard Nstream through documentation, speaking at conferences, and thought leadership.

One thing that we can agree on with Mr. Deming completely is that transformation is necessary – and with transformation comes new rewards, innovation, and even joy in work. We’re excited by the challenges and growth we’ve seen to date, and we look forward to the new use cases, modes of business, and disruptive ideas that streaming data applications might spark over the next few months, years, and decades.

Nstream is on an exciting journey, and we invite you to join us for the ride. If you’d like to understand better how streaming data applications can transform your business — from customer 360 to real-time marketing places, inventory and asset management, and more — we invite you to contact us.