Nstream Demo: Building a Real-Time Streaming Data Application

Blog / 05/18/2023

Are you looking for better ways to model your business’s ever-evolving state? Join Fred Patton, Nstream Developer Evangelist, as he walks you through a simple demo of how to build streaming data applications. He’ll demonstrate how to model your business, including all your digital and physical entities, whether you operate on-premises, in the Cloud, or both. The result: empowering you to make better contextual-based business decisions in real time. 

This demo will cover the following:

  • Overview of streaming data applications and how they can transform your business
  • Real-time visualization and understanding of your business’s state
  • Example of a real-time traffic application in Palo Alto
  • Steps to build your streaming application to model your business operations

Nstream integrates seamlessly into existing data pipelines, simplifying creating your application. Developers do not need any stateful applications experience to use Nstream, as our open-source application templates vary between low- and no-code. 

Explore the potential of streaming applications and learn how Nstream can transform your business, help you reduce OpEx, improve productivity, enable faster decision-making, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. All of which benefit your bottom line.

Watch the Nstream Demo below or here.

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