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Your business requires real-time observability with faster, more insightful decision making. Enter Nstream Cloud.

Our Approach

Nstream Cloud is the first open-source, full-stack streaming data application platform.

Built by developers for developers, we provide you with true real-time observability of your entire in-motion and at-rest data landscape via active “digital twins.” We then model each business entity’s real-time state and behavior, including both physical and digital assets. You can now instantaneously see what’s happening across your entire operational environment— as it happens.

Then, you can build dynamic streaming graphs that aggregate and correlate the behavior of millions of related entities in real-time. As a result, you can then run arbitrary business logic and automated actions in response to any real-time state change. To up-level your actionable decision-making faster, you can stream the results to interactive user interfaces, real-time data visualizations, and other streaming API integrations— with half-ping latency.

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Enabling Developers to Build Open Source Streaming Applications That Can Analyze and Act on Upon Streaming Data Right Now.

Nstream Cloud is the fastest way to build full-stack applications that enable real-time observability, live modeling of complex business operations, and responsive decision automation at scale.


Turn streaming data into real-time state:

The key to running applications at the speed of change is to first transform streaming data into real-time state. By tracking the real-time state of each application entity, and processing messages in the context of real-time entity state, application code can instantly interpret and act on incoming events, without having to wait on external queries.


Continuously evaluate stateful business logic:

It's not enough to just have data. You have to know what the data means. Business logic is the process by which applications interpret the meaning of data according to a model of how a business functions, and the goals a business is trying to achieve.


Instantly act on computed insights:

Detect and respond to operational issues as they occur — even the ones that only become apparent in the context of multiple in-motion and at-rest data sources.


Stream incremental updates to API clients:

Dynamically subscribe to thousands of specific stateful objects over a single multiplexed network connection, without incurring the overhead of polling, or wasting bandwidth by subscribing to overly broad firehoses of data.


Interact with live data visualizations:

Transform web user interfaces from one frame per hour "snapshots" to 60 frame per second "movies" of the computed real-time state of every aspect of your application.

In just a few months, we built several streaming applications on the Nstream (formerly Swim) Platform that aggregates and analyzes several petabytes of data streaming across the wireless infrastructure over thousands of cell towers that connect millions of devices in the U.S.

The service provider continues to operate one of the most sophisticated networks in the world with greater situational awareness and improved service quality thanks to the solution enabled by Nstream.”

- Customer; Top Three US Telecom Provider

The Foundation of Nstream Cloud.

Stateful Objects

Stateful Objects link and sync to one another to maintain full, entity-relational business context, unlocking deeper, more accurate insights from real-time data streams.

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Streaming APIs

Streaming APIs are like the capillaries running off from a raging river. They convey specific, contextualized information for massive scale throughout the network so that humans and automation have all the necessary context as soon as possible, without having to ask for it. Streaming APIs are a natural fit for statefulness and facilitate pushing data through the entire application stack.

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Real-time UIs

Using the same Web Agent facilities that power Stateful Objects, true real-time UIs connect objects via continuous streams that don’t compund latency by pausing for queues and database results–– even as users manipulate the data via the UI. The real-time UI enables the business to visualize, prioritize, and act on alerts faster.

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You’re on the way to quickly and simply building purpose-built streaming data applications that provide you with real-time observability, context, and the ability to take action instantly. From blogs to videos to reports, refer to our latest resources to learn more.

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