Streaming Data has an Application Problem

Video / 03/15/2023

“Data streaming is a requirement to create the real-time digital experiences and efficient operations that are needed to compete and win,” Confluent CEO Jay Kreps.

However, enterprise organizations are limited to delivering that real-time digital experience when it comes to streaming data or data-in-motion. Streaming data is limited in its potential value due to the sheer volume, speed, and inability to provide real-time observability. Additionally, while a critical input, streaming analytics look “down” at the organization’s past performance, resulting in the “tyranny of averages” and zero operational efficiencies.

Where does that leave an organization looking to compete and win? These are application problems. Watch the video and hear from Nstream CTO and Founder Chris Sachs on how streaming data applications enable an organization to “look up” to its business and its objectives and deliver on the promises of streaming data. It’s the application layer where a company gets a true real-time view of its entire digital and physical landscape via digital twins, situational awareness of the information, and the ability to automate responsive business logic. Solving the application problem lets you know what’s happening with your streaming data right now in a way that you can understand, act on, and automate.

Original Source: DeveloperWeek 2023, Open Talk Keynote Presentation

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