Build applications with your Confluent Data Streams in minutes, not months.

Build streaming data applications with 70% lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and 10x faster time to value.

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You don’t need multiple data systems to build a streaming data application

Nstream enables you to build streaming data applications without the need for:

Application databases.
such as Apache Druid, Clickhouse, MongoDB
Additional stream processing frameworks
such as Pinot, Presto
Applications servers
such as Spring, NodeJS, .Net
UI frameworks
such as Angular, React

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Accelerate your streaming data journey with Nstream

Build streaming data applications with a 10x faster time to value compared to traditional architectures that use multiple data systems and polling. Let us unshackle the challenge of maintenance.

Manage your data, not your data ingestion.

Managing data sources and and integrations is time consuming and expensive.

Out with expensive SME contracts.

Hiring SMEs or paying multiple software vendors

Accelerate your engineering team.

Application teams are generally not too familiar with streaming data technologies

The fastest queries are the ones you don't need to make.

We eradicate latency from your application stack as:
  • Existing architectures poll data where as streaming data is pushed with Nstream

  • Latency compounds when data passes through additional data systems

  • Context does not update automatically as it is dependent on querying

See it in action

Demo with Confluent Cloud

See how easy it is to get up and running with data being streamed in from Confluent Cloud.

The application that has been built is modelling a transit network.

Building stateful entities that represents each vehicle, and aggregating data from multiple sources and serve the results of the vehicles in real-time onto the dashboard.

Nstream reference architecture