Nstream Jet

Zero to real-time streaming app

With just a few lines of JSON, Nstream Jet turns streams from Apache Kafka®, Apache Pulsar®, and more into real-time applications. Start streaming in minutes, not months.

Nstream portal UI

Real-time apps in no time flat

Streamline Real-Time Application Creation

Nstream Jet is a command line tool that allows developers to create real-time apps with minimal configuration. No more deep-dives into API docs to get up and running, just configure your data source and go.

Effortless Application Generation

Create applications in minutes with minimal configuration. No code is necessary to get started, just a few lines of JSON.

Stateful Entities and Streaming APIs

Nstream Jet provides access to stateful entities and streaming APIs, enabling seamless integration with streaming data sources and real-time visualization through a UI.

Real-time UI

Subscribe to a Kafka topic and watch entities update in real time via Nstream’s UI. View a list of entities or plot geocoded data on a map.

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