Why Nstream

Humans Not Excluded

Instantly act on computed insights

An insight is often the best indicator of its own importance. If action isn’t taken right away, the very need for action is likely to go unnoticed. Taking action requires running business logic that deliberately causes side effects; making logical decisions requires access to a comprehensive contextual state; and ensuring the intended outcome is achieved requires following along as the action takes effect. Analytical stream processors weren’t built to solve these problems, but it’s exactly what the Nstream platform excels at.

Interact with live data visualizations

Real-time data visualizations can conjure invaluable intuitions about what might be detectable analytically, what parameters might be out of tune, what might be the leading indicator of a failure, or what processes might be feasible to automate. And when the unexpected inevitably happens, the situational awareness a deeply contextual real-time UI provides is unparalleled. Real-time UIs aren’t just another dashboard, they provide not only an aggregate view of what is actually happening right now in the business but also allow humans to double-click and get a granular view to find the root cause of an issue enabling humans to always stay in-the-loop, and be proactive, NOT reactive.