Why Nstream

Time to Value

10x faster time to value

Given that Nstream has a fully integrated platform, from connectors to all data types, to stateful services, streaming APIs and real-time UIs, getting a production system up and running is accomplished quickly. Our customers save months they would otherwise spend designing, building, and testing traditional architectures with multiple complex open-source data systems, application servers, and UI frameworks.

Liberate yourself from maintaining multiple data systems in your streaming data application architecture.

Nstream empowers you to build streaming data applications without the need for:

Customer proof point

Our largest customer got multiple streaming data applications with the following scale deployed in production in just 6 weeks.

For context, prior to using Nstream, they had been trying to get a system up and running with traditional architecture for well over a year without much success.

“One of Nstream’s most important capabilities is combining and filtering multiple data streams at once. Such data combinations are similar to JOINs, but leverage graph technology to deliver real-time insights over arbitrarily complex, real-time data feeds. This ability to combine real-time data streams with data at rest gives Nstream’s customers a powerful tool for extracting value from diverse data sources.”