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Real-Time Streaming Data Applications.

The future of streaming data is here and now. Nstream Cloud is the path for enterprise engineers and application developers to build full-stack streaming applications.

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Nstream Cloud Delivers the Fastest Way to Build Streaming Applications. In a Single, Powerful Streaming Data Cloud Platform.

With the rapid increase in real-time information, understanding, contextualizing, and acting on streaming data insights is overwhelming and nearly impossible.

Today, enterprise developers face multiple challenges when trying to make use of streaming data.


Limited real-time visibility and access:

With most networks running on top of the database, developers are plagued with limited observability, latency, and extra storage costs.

The data can’t tell the business what’s happening.

Insufficient context limits the data interpretation:

Without context, examining the data in relation to the business’s objectives, and the resulting action, is challenging.

The data can’t tell the business what the data means.

Reduced time-to-value decision-making:

The value of latent information degrades over time, making it harder to apply automated and actionable business logic.

The data can’t tell the business how to take action.

Nstream Cloud Platform

Nstream Cloud is built by developers for developers to enable you to simply and quickly build streaming data applications.

Now you can fully understand what’s happening with your streaming data, in true real-time, so you can see how the data relates to the needs of the business and automate your response.

Here’s how we do it.

Adaptive Visualizations to Keep Humans in the Loop

A look at Real-Time UIs. Hear from Fred Patton, Nstream’s Developer Evangelist, as he speaks to the direct connection between your user interface and real-time processing in the cloud.

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Real-time Observability of Everything You Care About

A look at Streaming APIs. Hear from Fred Patton, Nstream Developer Evangelist, that polling is poison and how Nstream’s first-class streaming APIs take your processing results from Cloud to browser with uninterrupted streaming.

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Full-Context Business Logic at Half-Ping Latency

A look at Stateful Objects. Hear from Fred Patton, Nstream Developer Evangelist, as he covers how stateful objects sit on real-time streams to execute full context business logic at half ping latency.

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Jump start your application journey by using our low-code, configurable templates to deliver full-stack, expressive transformations all the way to real-time UIs.

As a result, you improve decision-making capability, streamline operations, and reduce human error with fully managed application deployments.

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The volume of real-time data that enterprise organizations are capturing and creating from multiple sources has never been more fast-moving, complex, or overwhelming. By the time a team manages to store and analyze data, it’s stale and often useless, making It hard to glean insights and take action that supports the organization’s goals. Enterprises increasingly require immediate and accurate insights from data in motion (i.e., streaming).

Enter Nstream. Founded in 2015, Nstream enables organizations to build open-source, full-stack applications directly on top of streaming data, providing real-time insights that organizations can take action on instantly. Nstream’s customers use Nstream’s unique streaming APIs and stateful objects to build applications with business logic to gain more and better insights. As a result, data-driven decisions can be made within minutes to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and agility, enhance the customer experience, and outpace competitors – rapidly. Operate with true real-time data and take more intelligent action now.

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