Create real time applications in real time with Nstream Jet

Turn a few lines of JSON into a real time application in minutes, not months. Stream from Apache Kafka®, Apache Pulsar®, and more to start consuming data in real time. Whenever, wherever.

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Nstream has enabled enterprises to build streaming data applications seamlessly at scale with a fraction of the cost at network-level latency.


Stateful entities
Multiplexed streams
Changes per second
Full stack latency
< 1s


Faster time-to-value
Fewer engineer-hours
Less middleware
Lower TCO

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Stream relevant data directly to any application

Most real-time data stops flowing before it reaches the application layer. Nstream picks up where the data pipeline leaves off and drives stateful services, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs entirely on push.

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Enterprise-grade streaming data applications

SwimOS & Nstream Platform

Everything developers need to build streaming data applications. Plus everything enterprises need to operate at scale.
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Nstream is the fastest way to build full stack applications that take full advantage of real-time data.

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