Real‑Time UIs

Interact with Live Data Visualizations

Keep end‑users intuitively apprised of real‑time insights with pervasively real‑time user interfaces.

Nstream portal UI

Why real‑time UIs

Streaming data benefits humans

Real‑time UIs aren’t just another dashboard, they’re a window through which the hidden nature of advanced technology becomes intuitively visible and actionable.

Situational awareness

Always know the ground truth of what’s actually happening right now, while there’s still time to do something about it.

Operational oversight

Oversee advanced automation and AI with enough context and precision to understand and validate their behavior.

Augmented intelligence

The fastest way to gain insight into how complex systems work is by interacting with them in real‑time.

What real‑time UIs enable

Push from server to screen

Streaming APIs feed real‑time data to every on‑screen view. Real‑time widgets prcoedurally animate to reflect live state. Nstream widgets embed cleanly in any frontend framework or ordinary web page.

Streaming data binding.
View states can be linked dirextly to real-time backend states, forming end-to-end push chains from data source to screen.
Real‑time widgets.
Streaming-optimized widgets solve the hard parts of rendering real-time data, from streaming map overlays, to animated gauges and multitouch charts.
Depending only on the self-contained Swim UI engine, Nstream components integrate seamlessly with React, Vue, Angular and others.

How real‑time UIs work

UI toolkit meets game engine

A unified view layer seamlessly fuses HTML, SVG and canvas-based views. A stateful dataflow graph precisely computes view changes from model updates. And a real‑time rendering engine efficiently displays the results.

Unified view hierarchy.
Canvas-based views perform like a game engine, with a DOM-compatible API and event system that behaves like any other UI toolkit.
Stateful dataflow graph.
The consequences of every state change are precisely tracked and synchronized with minimal overhead every render frame.
Real‑time rendering engine.
Advanced rendering techniques enable any property of any view to change at any time without thrashing static caches or stalling user input.

More platform capabilities