Nstream-Jet is a powerful utility designed to simplify the development of real-time streaming applications within the Nstream framework. Leveraging the capabilities of Nstream, developers can build robust, scalable streaming solutions with ease. However, mastering the intricacies of the framework may pose a challenge, especially for newcomers.

To address this hurdle, we introduce Nstream-Jet, the command line tool specifically crafted to streamline the creation of Nstream applications. With Nstream-Jet, developers can effortlessly generate containerized Nstream applications by providing connection details for data sources through a JSON configuration file. This eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of specific programming languages, reducing the barrier to entry and enabling rapid application development.

Once an Nstream application is generated using Nstream-Jet, developers gain access to stateful entities with streaming APIs and a real-time graphical user interface. These features empower developers to seamlessly integrate streaming data sources, manipulate data entities, and gain insights through real-time visualization, thereby enhancing the development and debugging experience.

How It Works

At the core of an Nstream application is a base image designed to accept a server configuration file in the RECON format. This RECON file contains detailed settings and parameters that define the behavior and connections of your Nstream application. While powerful, RECON files can be complex and verbose, making them challenging to write and manage directly.

To make the configuration process more accessible, Nstream-Jet allows users to define their application settings using a simpler JSON format. Nstream-Jet converts this JSON file into the required RECON file which can then be mounted into the Nstream base image to run.

Nstream is licensed under the Redis Source Available License 2.0 (RSALv2).