Pulsar Ingress Configuration

Pulsar data ingestion is available using ingress of type pulsar.

Examples Repo

Example Pulsar configuration files showcasing all features we will discuss can be found in our Examples Repo .


The Pulsar settings in the configuration file are used to configure data ingestion from Pulsar topics. Below is a detailed description of each field within the Pulsar settings:

Field Required Configurable Description
serviceUrl true true The URL of the Pulsar service to connect to.
topic true true The name of the Pulsar topic to subscribe to.
subscriptionName true true The name of the subscription for this consumer.
valueSchema true true The schema type for the message value, e.g., string, integer, avro.
valueContentType false true The content type of the value, accepted types: avro, csv, json, recon, xml (default plaintext).
valueAvroSchema false true The Avro schema for the value, required iff valueContentType=avro AND valueSchema is “raw” (e.g. BYTES)
clientLoadConf false false Additional Pulsar client configuration properties as key-value pairs.
consumerLoadConf false false Additional Pulsar consumer configuration properties as key-value pairs.

Message Structure

The message structure of received Pulsar messages is:

{ "key": ..., "value": {...} }


The configuration below defines a Pulsar ingress where messages are consumed from the specified Pulsar topic and relayed to the appropriate agents for processing.

  "type": "pulsar",
  "settings": {
    "serviceUrl": "my-pulsar-server:9092",
    "topic": "my-vehicle-topic",
    "subscriptionName": "subName",
    "valueSchema": "string",
    "valueContentType": "json",
  "relay": {
    "agent": "vehicle",
    "idExtractor": "$key",
    "valueExtractor": "$value"

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