Nstream Unleashes the Power of Real-Time Streaming Data

Nstream Unleashes the Power of Real-Time Streaming Data

Enterprise Organizations can build streaming data applications in minutes, not months

Campbell, Calif. – July 11, 2023 – Nstream, the first full-stack streaming data application development platform, is rethinking real-time applications for enterprise organizations. By extending the reach of streaming data to applications, the Nstream Platform enables businesses to extract maximum value from their streaming data quickly and effectively. The breakthrough power of the Nstream Platform, which is built on SwimOS (a distributed operating system that was open-sourced in 2019), reduces complexity, minimizes resource demands, and slashes operational costs, allowing organizations to achieve faster time-to-value.

Traditional Challenges Addressed: Turning Streaming Data into Immediate Action

Handling massive volumes of data (both in-motion and at-rest) and making real-time decisions at an unprecedented pace pose significant challenges for enterprise organizations. Nstream’s Founder and CTO, Chris Sachs, explains, “No other platform brings real-time visibility, insights and decision automation into the application layer like Nstream. With our stateful services, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs, the Nstream Platform picks up where other solutions leave off to provide an open-source solution for the rest of the stack.

Overcoming Limitations: Scale, Latency, and Architectural Complexity

Today’s streaming analytics solutions only address part of the problem. Organizations often struggle to implement and scale the remainder of real-time solutions without compounding latency and cost. Furthermore, these bespoke solutions often require specialized knowledge of multiple streaming data technologies and vendors, adding complexity to operations and strategic decision-making. Nstream mitigates these issues by turning streaming data into a real-time model of the business in a single step, providing complete digital landscape visibility across all real-world objects (customer, prospect, asset, IoT device, etc.). This empowers organizations with unprecedented real-time insights and automation opportunities at scale while seamlessly integrating with existing streaming data technology stacks.

Preserving Resources and Unlocking Cost Savings

The Nstream Platform is rooted in stateful services, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs providing measurable benefits to enterprise organizations.

From a technology perspective, it offers the ability to continuously perform stream-to-stream joins at scale (millions/sec) and expanded capabilities through event stream processors and open-source flexibility. Operationally, it eliminates the need for multiple data systems and hiring data system subject matter experts (SMEs) or paying multiple software vendors.

!Nstream Architecture](https://www.nstream.io/platform/)

With Nstream, organizations can significantly reduce the engineering hours required for designing, building, testing, maintaining, and upgrading multiple data systems and the connections between them by fourfold. Developers can focus their efforts on implementing business logic using easy-to-build solutions that minimize complex architectures. Key benefits include:

One of Nstream’s most important capabilities is how it can combine and filter multiple data streams at once,” explains Jason Bloomberg, managing partner at analyst firm Intellyx. “Such data combinations are like JOINs, but leverage graph technology to deliver real-time insights over arbitrarily complex, real-time data feeds. This ability to combine real-time data streams with data at rest gives Nstream’s customers a powerful tool for extracting value from diverse data sources.

The Nstream Streaming Data Application Ecosystem

Nstream’s application development platform is general-purpose and vertical-agnostic. Industries looking to augment and automate moment-by-moment decisions based on context-enriched real-time data can particularly benefit from streaming applications. Trusted by industry leaders including Arm, Cubic, Itron, Juniper Networks, RTA, and Verizon, Nstream extends the streaming data capabilities of Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, AWS Kinesis, Confluent Cloud, etc.


About Nstream

Nstream is an innovator in open-source, full-stack streaming data application development platform, revolutionizing real-time operations for enterprises. With their cutting-edge solutions, organizations can effortlessly harness the power of streaming data, reduce operational costs, and improve scalability and agility. Nstream’s innovative technology enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their data, turning insights into immediate action. Learn more information at Nstream.io.


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